LR03/AAA size, 4-pk

  • Battery type: AAA (LR03) alkaline
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Optimal for low to medium power consumption
  • Nordic Ecolabelled batteries & FSC packaging
  • Smaller package and less material used and no plastic in package

29,95 kr.

DELTACO Ultimate Alkaline AAA battery, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled, 4-pack
Nordic Swan Ecolabelled alkaline AAA batteries (LR03).
Long-lasting when used in your favorite appliances and toys.
With a long-lasting shelf life, ready to be used when you need them. Our batteries have built-in leakage protection.
Alkaline batteries are great for low to medium continuous power consumption.
For use in battery-powered devices such as remote controllers, kitchen accessories, flashlights, game controllers.

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