CR2430 button cell

  • Battery type: CR2430 lithium
  • Voltage: 3 V
  • 300 mAh
  • Nordic Ecolabelled batteries & FSC packaging
  • Smaller package and less material used and no plastic in package

19,95 kr.

DELTACO Ultimate Lithium CR2430 button cell battery, 300 mAh, 1-pack
Lithium CR2430 button cell battery.
Long-lasting when used in your favorite appliances and toys.
With a long-lasting shelf life, ready to be used when you need them. Our batteries have built-in leakage protection.
For use in battery-powered devices such as watches, calculators, computer mother boards, medical devices, and toys.
With a minimalist and FSC-labeled package our batteries are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.
Our packages are made without the use of plastic, we are proud to have innovative and 100% fiber-based (carton and paper) packages,
and in turn they are made with as little material as possible and as small as possible, which results in a more sustainable package.
There is 0 % mercury, lead, and cadmium in our batteries, making every purchase a more responsible choice and of course less
environmental impact. Storage temperature is: 10℃ to +30℃.

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